Amanda Peterson, MS, LAMFT



Amanda Peterson is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who is trained to work with individuals, couples, and families. She is skilled in assisting clients navigate through the pain in their lives. Her active, direct approach balanced with empathy and humor helps couples, adolescents and families, and individuals tackle barriers they’ve been unable to solve on their own.

Amanda works with couples at all stages of their relationship and of any sexual orientation, helping them create a more secure and solidified bond. She is skillful at helping couples find agreement through setting specific goals and guiding couples through a plan of how to get there. She has particular experience in:

  • Communication problems
  • Increasing intimacy
  • Increasing trust
  • Increasing satisfaction with sex life
  • Infidelity/affair recovery
  • Relationship transitions (e.g., premarital therapy, divorce)
  • Discernment
  • Relationship check-ins (a check up for your relationship that can help small issues, stay small issues)

With adolescents and families, she works to create more effective communication – less door slamming and more hugs. She strives for each member to feel heard and supported while providing a clear direction of how to tackle the problem at hand. Her experience includes helping families in:

  • Reducing family conflict
  • Improving parent-child relationships
  • Improving parent-child communication
  • Decreasing depression
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Creating appropriate expressions of anger

With adult individuals, Amanda helps clients move out of their “rut” and find ways to enjoy life again. Amanda has been successful at guiding adults in:

  • Decreasing depression
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • Improving relationships
  • Life transitions (e.g., life after divorce)
  • Stress management

Amanda uses evidence-based therapeutic models. She received her M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Auburn University where her focus of study was on relationships and how to improve them.

Amanda practices under the direction of Curtis Fox, Ph.D. and under the supervision of Margaret Keiley, Ed.D, AAMFT Approved Supervisor.